I strongly disagree, but the wank ain’t worth it: the tumblr story


In honor of the two conflicting holidays

anon is probably a she. girls tend to be more concerned with being special snowflakes from my experience (not to say there aren't male special snowflakes, but those tend to be fewer imo).



I’ve noticed that too, in passing. I’ve come into contact with more women who behave that way than men, in my personal experience.

Girls tend to be more insecure (speaking from my personal experience) and thus, I find that it would make much sense if they’re the majority on this bullshit of special snowflakeness.

They want to feel special, to the point they become histeric bitches.

haha yeah a bunch of girls wanting to be “special” couldn’t possibly have anything to do with society’s hatred for girls who aren’t the exception to some set of imaginary and constantly-shifting rules on why 99% of women are stupid bitches. thank god the tumblr anti-feminism community is here to show us the way

Fun fact when people say that abuse is a gendered subject I throw them into a volcano


And I’ll be there waiting to help toss them over the edge.

"Abuse is a gendered subject" oh please. It doesn’t get more ignorant than this.

85% of domestic violence victims are female (

90% of rape victims are female (

86% of child sexual abuse is against girls (

acknowledging that gender is often a factor in abuse isn’t the same as saying that male victims matter less. denying it, though, sounds a whole lot like “god women need to stop complaining, don’t they know that men have it just as bad”


Welcome to hell, Megan


Welcome to hell, Megan

i wonder if my dad was throwing those pokemon stadium matches. i still can’t believe he was throwing our wrestling matches.