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one of my fav fics was actually just prussia-centric historical shit, like mainly WWII stuff. some torture and terrible things. not about pairings. idk if i’d like the fic if i read it first now but it was good then

the fic i liked yesterday was a psychological thriller-y oneshot about him and russia. probably wasn’t an amazing fic, but it made me want to seek out more fic of him.

i remember really liking this modern era fic about america and sweden. not shipping, although i think it was supposed to be very slowly building up to that, just them doing various things. i checked for updates so many times a day. i wish i could still feel as much passion for fanfics as i did back then

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he was in a lot of fics i really liked a lot way back when, so i used to really like him. several germancests, some prucan, some historical stuff

oh wow i completely forgot prucan existed (kind of a fitting pairing to completely forget though)

maybe i didn’t like him in high school because i didn’t really ship him with anyone, so usually when i read a fic that contained him he’d be either the obligatory villain character or an annoying background guy or poorly-written comic relief or whatever?

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honestly idk my opinion on him as a character, i mean i don’t feel negatively about him or anything, but it’s been way too long since i’ve read a good fic with him to appreciate any character depth. years

yeah i think i mostly decided i liked him yesterday because mein gott is catchy and i read a good fic with him. him as an actual canon character… not sure how well i remember the canon material now but i generally like what my memory’s spitting back at me. i can’t remember why i was down on him in high school, but i think it was because of bad fanfics.

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mein gott & then absolutely invincible british gentleman for me probably

mein gott might actually beat pub and GO!

i don’t remember liking prussia much in high school, but i decided i liked him a lot yesterday. maybe he was just too complex for my undeveloped mind back then or something

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pub and GO! is probably still the best song, but mein gott gives it some competition for sure

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yesterday my desire to read hetalia fanfics while listening to anime music resurrected itself from the grave somehow

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there was just an earwig pincher bug crawling between my toes

years ago when i still lived in the basement i was eating chips and i grabbed a chip and thank god i looked at the chip before i put it in my mouth because there was an earwig on it

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went to go sit on my balcony so i could do this dumb project while watching a nice sunset and i didn’t remember until i had my hand on the doorknob that i didn’t have pants on

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look at this thing i got at the airport when leaving germany
it’s a giant tic tac box filled with tiny tic tac boxes


look at this thing i got at the airport when leaving germany

it’s a giant tic tac box filled with tiny tic tac boxes

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